CWCheat is basically something like a Gameshark for your Playstation Portable (PSP). The main difference is that to be able to use it, you will need to have some knowledge on “hacking” your PSP. It is also way easier to add cheat in CWCheat compared to Gameshark, because you can use notepad to do the editing manually, or just download the database from various websites (this is the cheat database that come with our newer games). Just make sure that the database that you have is exactly the same version as the game that you are playing in your PSP (region, type etc.).


1. Cwcheat – download it from here or here(In this guide we will be using “CWCHEAT_0_2_2_REVD” will update if needed)
2. A Custom Firmware PSP ( Any firmware, ill be using 4.01 M33-2)

Steps :

1. Go to the Site on the “Requirements” page. Then click on the DOWNLOAD CWCHEAT button. This will download the latest one that is out. After extract the files into your desktop.

2. After you should see a whole bunch folders and files. Connect your psp to the pc. Now I’m going to split this guide if u have different firmwares. If u have 3.71 M33, go to step “4”. If you have a different firmware continue on the guide.

3. If you have 3.71 M33 do not continue. Skip to step “4”. Open up your cwcheat folder, you should see a INSTALL folder. Open it up and copy the seplugins folder into the root of your psp.
(E.g. X/SEPLUGINS/CWCHEAT where X is your psp drive letter). Skip to Step 5.

4. If you don’t have 3.71 M33 do not continue. Go to step 3.Open up your cwcheat folder, you should see a INSTALL_371 folder. Open it up and copy the seplugins folder into the root of your psp.
(E.g. X/SEPLUGINS/CWCHEAT where X is your psp drive letter) Continue on the guide.

5. Once after that is all complete. Turn off your psp completely ( Hold the power button). Turn it on again and HOLD R. This should bring you to your recovery mode. Go to plugins and enable all the plugins.


6. Start your game and HOLD select on the game. This should bring you the cwcheat ! Go to “Select Cheats” and choose your cheat. After go back to the menu and enable the cheats. Have Fun.


UPDATE: Cwcheat Official Site hasn’t been updating their site for a long time. Use this if you want to update it.

You should always update your cheat database for newer game cheats. There are two ways to download the cheat.db

Updating with the PC[/i]
1. Click this link
2. Download the database into your desktop
3. Put the cheat.db into the seplugins/cwcheat folder
4. Replace the old cheat.db


1. Open the CWCHEAT folder you download from the requirements
2. Go into the DATABASE DOWNLOAD folder. There is two types …
3. Copy the 3.X folder into the GAME folder or your PSP. Make sure the GAME kernel is set to 3.XX or 4.XX in the recovery mode.

You can also run the application through 1.50 kernel. If you do not know what this is. Thenm= forget about it, and just the use the 3.X version.

Some Pics of CWCHEAT

Main Menu of Cwcheat

GUIDE: MAKE Cwcheat Codes


This is a guide to make cwcheat codes. Let me warn you somethin. This isn’t easy. I’m not an expert at this so don’t ask me crazy questions. Also, don’t ask me to find codes for you. I do not have time to get the game, get codes and test it.

You will need cwcheat, look at the above guide


Custom Firmware PSP
Artmoney (Freeware)
Cwcheat Database Editor

Searching and Dumping

1. When u download cwcheat it should come with a cheat searcher. I find that its a big laggy, so i use google and found a better one. It’s called Artmoney
download the freeware version unless u want to but the pro version.

2. Let’s BEGIN ! Find the game you want. Then go to the cwcheat menu (hold select), then go to “cheat in-game menu”. Change the “N” to “Y” in the “Enable Dump Function”

3. Take a deep breath and let’s go back to the game. Find a value you like to change (E.g. HP, SP, Money, Items, …etc). Remember the number u wanted to change on all the next 3 dumps

4. Now press and hold the Square button until it’s says “Dumping”. Usually the dumps take quite a lot of memory. Make sure that u have at least 20 MB free before doing this.

5. Go back to your game and change something on the value (like get hit, buy something …etc) you chose on step 3. Then take a dump ( not the bathroom one …) and then go to step 6!

6. After that, repeat step 5 to make a third dump. Now connect your PSP to ur PC and start Artmoney on your PC. U can connect by using the CWcheat menu by click the enable USB to Y

7. On Artmoney go to the search tab and click options. Switch the setting on object to files. Then click OK. Now click the (…) button on the left. Browse for your MEMDUMP0.dmp

8. Now click Search. On the Value box enter the amount of value u had on dump 1. Like the amount of HP on your first dump. Then, it should give you a bunch of codes on the left side.

9. Now Browse for your MEMDUMP1.dmp. Then click Filter and enter the value you noted before. (On the left side, there should be a bit lesser codes)

10. Do the same thing as 9 except use the 3rd dump. Now, there should be one left. That is your code. If there is more than one, than make more dumps. The more dumps u have the more accurate and better.


1. The cwcheat code format looks like this

1st Set 2nd Set
0x00000000 0x0000000

For the first set of 0`s.You are goin to use the number on art money. Replace the last zeros with the number you got from Artmoney. For example if I have a 27554. Then it would be 0x00027554.

2. Sadly, we aren’t done yet. We just need to add one more thing. On the first number of x u need to add …

0 – If u are changing a 8 bit value
1 – If u are changing a 16 bit value
2 – If u are changing a 32 bit value

Most RPG stats are 8 bit. And money are mostly 16 bit and 32 bit.

Now to the second set

1. Open your Windows Calculator. Click the View Tab and click Scientific. Now enter the desired amount for example 100. Now click HEX (make sure it was DEC before) this should give you a number. I got 64.

8 bit- Max is 255
16 bit – Max is 65535
32 bit – Max is 429467295

For example
0x00027554 0x00000064


1. First download the CWCHEAT database editor. Then download a cwcheat database. Open it with the editor.

2. Find your game and make a new code. Then put the two codes inside. If there isn’t the game then put a new folder. Remember to save it.